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Actiste is compatible with the following insulin from Sanofi: Lantus, Insuman Basal, Apidra, Lispro. 3. Brighter complies with data security in accordance with the requirements of GDPR. Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) and its partner Brighter, a Swedish health-tech company focused on improving chronic disease management, have introduced Actiste®, the world's first complete IoT-health solution for monitoring and treating insulin-dependent diabetes.

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The device makes life easier for people with diabetes, lets caregivers provide better patient support, provides medical data for research and reduces overall lifecycle costs. 2019-09-03 Brighter AB (publ) är stolt att tillkännage att Actiste® Mini idag har erhållit marknadsgodkännande från Ministry of Health & Prevention i UAE. Actiste® Mini är en smart och användarvänlig blodsockermätare med global out-of-the-box-internetuppkoppling via eSIM, som utvecklats för att stötta framgångsrik hantering och tillsyn av diabetes. Brighter’s pioneering diabetes management solution Actiste® receives market approval in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mon, Nov 02, 2020 15:23 CET Some additional regulatory approvals for consumables included within the Actiste® Diabetes Management as a Service (“Actiste Service”) offering, as well as the cellular transmission approval from the Saudi Telecoms Authority, are still outstanding. Brighter’s Actiste® is a unique service that simplifies everyday life for diabetics and stimulates behavioral change. By combining personal and aggregated data Brighter AB (publ): Brighter tecknar 5-årigt distributionsavtal avseende Actiste® i Qatar. Brighter AB (publ) ("Bolaget" eller "Brighter") har tecknat ett femårigt distributionsavtal med Al Danah Medical Company i Qatar ("Distributören" من خالل الجمع بين أهم مميزات رعاية مرضى السكري في جهاز واحد، يقوم أكتيست بإزالة الضغط الذي يعاني منه مرضى السكري في تذكر جميع المعدات الالزمة للرعاية اليومية: قلم اإلنسولين وجهاز قياس نسبة السكر في الدم ّ وشرائط 2020-03-18 Actiste introduces a new level of user friendliness and control in the treatment of diabetes.

Actiste Mini is compact, easy to use and has smart compartments for test strips and lancets. Summary Brighter has signed two 5-year distribution agreements with companies in Nigeria and Ghana. The agreements give the distributors exclusive rights to market and sell Actiste® and Actiste® Mini in these two countries, and are considered to have significant potential for Brighter in the coming years.

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Actiste. Diabetes Management as a Service.

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Brighter AB (publ) is proud to announce that its pioneering solution for improved diabetes management – the Actiste® device and its associated digital platform – has received market approval from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA). SWEDEN – July 7, 2016 – Brighter AB today announced a partnership with Sanmina to produce the first generation of Actiste®, a connected diabetes device that allows users to monitor blood sugar, inject insulin and log blood sugar levels and insulin doses in a single device. Learn more about Actiste: https://actiste.com/Learn more about Brighter: https://www.brighter.se/ Brighter recently announced that it has received CE marking for the Actiste device. In fact, it has received two CE marks as Actiste is regulated under both the EU Medical Devices Directive and the In Vitro Diagnostics Directive due to the multiple functions of the device.

Thanks to the Brighter, Stockholm, Sweden. BRIGHTER EXPANDS ITS PRODUCT PORTFOLIO - HAS OBTAINED CE MARKING FOR THE NEW DEVICE "ACTISTE® MINI" Source text for Eikon: Further  Brighter. ISIN SE0004019545; Closed. REAL-TIME. 17:29:41 CET 2021-03-21 18:15:00 Company Announcement, Actiste® Mini receives market approval in  30 dec 2020 Brighter tecknar 5-årigt avtal och erhåller initial order av Actiste® värd EUR 1,2 miljoner i Ghana.
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Andelen 9 % anger hur många av Herantis Pharma Oyj-ägarna som även har Brighter i sin portfölj.

In the eigth episode of the Brighter Company podcast, Jacob we talk to diabetes nurse Lisa Malm. About diabetes, healtcare and how Actiste fits into todays  Actiste. Actiste is an insulin device, which is the core in delivering Diabetes Management as a Service from the company Brighter. The app shows an interactive  Brighter offers you an exciting role as a Data Engineer in an innovative We are currently focused on treating diabetes through our solution Actiste, the world's  19 May 2017 Actiste will be marketed and sold as a service to both consumers and the healthcare sector.
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2021-04-13 By checking this box I consent to the use of my information provided for Brighter newsletter marketing purposes. Brighter AB (publ) is proud to announce that the diabetes management device Actiste® Mini today received market approval from the Ministry of Health & Prevention in the UAE.. Actiste® Mini is a smart and user-friendly blood glucose meter with global out-of-the-box internet connectivity through eSIM, aiming to support successful diabetes management and monitoring. 2020-06-07 Brighter's solution Actiste® handles most of the self-monitoring and treatment of insulin-treated diabetes in a single easy-to-use device.


Brighter is a health-tech company from Sweden, founded in 2007, with a vision to improve quality of life and reduce the complications of chronic diseases. Brighter developed Actiste®, the world’s first unified Brighter initiated activity on multiple fronts following the issue of CE marks for its lead product, Actiste. It acquired Nectarine Health, a Swedish healthtech start-up, to complement its other assisted care solutions acquisition, Camanio. Brighter also entered into a strategic partnership with Accumbo, a digital healthcare provider, to support the visibility of Actiste in the Swedish market Brighter Sweden.

This app is a companion to the Actiste® device used for insulin treatment and blood glucose measurement. The app gives you the possibility to view blood glucose values and insulin doses, record meals and exercise, and set smart reminders. Brighters AB’s Data Protection Officer can be reached at the postal address below or by calling Brighters switchboard, tel. +46-(0)8-550 088 20. You can also send an email to info@brighter.se. Please mark the envelope or the email topic with “Brighter AB’s Data Protection Officer.